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SENTIR-M20 is an all-weather portable ground surveillance radar capable of detecting a crawling man up to 1 km, a walking man up to 10 km and vehicles up to 30 km, performing the automatic classification and tracking of up to 100 simultaneous targets on land or low altitude, with a fully graphic human interface and low probability of interception. Allows remote access and control of data and images through the Command and Control Centers.


SABER-M60 is a 3-D low altitude anti-aircraft artillery able to track up to 60 targets simultaneously within a radius up to 60 km and up to 5.000 m in high. The radar uses Pulse-Doppler technology that allows unique target detection and acquisition, able to perform interrogation friend or foe and automatic classification of aircraft. With low maintenance and life cycle cost, is a robust and flexible radar, specially designed for transportation and installation in any type of terrain, with set up time of 15 min by only three operators.


SABER-M200 is multipurpose radar defined by software that combines solution for air traffic control, air defense and anti-aircraft artillery, with low probability of interception. It combines functions of primary radar with an instrumental range of 280 nm, and a secondary radar complying with requirement of civilian and military air traffic control, besides the ability to perform functions of missile guidance and precision approach radar.


SABER-S200 is a secondary radar designed for Air Traffic Control (ATC) with a range of 200 nm with a simultaneously processing capacity of 600 tracks, in cryptographed secure Interrogation Friend or Foe (IFF) mode 4.


BradarSAR is a new airborne remote sensing system for mapping and monitoring with high precision and resolution. The system generates high-precision altimetry and planimetric maps through the X and P radar bands, which can be operated day or night and in low visibility condition. It is applied in topographic mapping, change detection (e.g., deforestation, flooding, invasions and erosion), forest biomass estimation, search, rescue, ground, and maritime surveillance.


Fixed and mobile systems dedicated to monitoring communication emitters and performing direct finding for target positioning, with sensor based on broadband receptors that capture radio frequencies, providing the necessary data for measures to support wlectronic warfare. Used in intelligence actions in the exercise of surveillance and monitoring, needed for strategic decision-making. The only product on the market that can be used outdoors without need to add extra components.

Command and Control

Fixed and Mobile Command
and Control Center

Complete Command and Control Centers (mobile or fixed) to leverage information superiority of operation decision chain through a fully synchronized integrated information management from deployed sensors and a full communication suite. Tool designed to support the authority to judge, act and command subordinates and provide situational awareness to higher leadership.

Air Defense
Operational Module

It is a low altitude air defense system, composed by a SABER-M60 Radar, a C2 System framework with human interface unit and a tactical communication suite.

Management Suite

It is a support tool to leverage management of logistics activities that provide customer support in the planning, implementation and monitoring of maintenance activities.

Support System

It is a fully customized system consisting of several critical software modules, which increases situational awareness through the capture, analysis and dissemination of critical data and information to leverage effectiveness of military operation.


Tactical Communication

Platforms integrated with communications suite that enables the secure transmission of video, voice and data with the ability to interconnect different tactical networks.

Strategic Communication

It is a low altitude air defense system, composed by a SABER-M60 Radar, a C2 System framework with human interface unit and a tactical communication suite.

Secure Communication

Wide Band Communication Backbone with full suite of security and cryptography, constituted by a mesh of radio links, fiber optics and satellite communication able to interconnect different governmental and military organizations with high availability, providing high capacity links between sensors and Command and Control Centers.

Network Operation
Centers (NOC)

The NOC is a dedicated center to ensure that readiness and availability of critical communication systems are maintained in satisfactory levels to perform day-to-day operations regardless of what is happening around.

Integrated Systems

Air Traffic

Solutions for air traffic management and control, supporting and automating the procedures involved in the coordination and control of air movements in airports, terminal areas and route.


Specifically geared towards air traffic control. The system was conceived in accordance with international standards of air traffic control system entities such as FAA and EUROCONTROL.


System that evaluates operability impact assessment on the capacity of airspace infrastructure, and perform adoption of operational measures to maintain the balance between demand and capacity of the airspace and airports infrastructure, through the process of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) among service providers and airlines operators.


Developed for establishing a fully simulated air situation in order to provide multiple simulation exercises for training air traffic controllers.


The Aeronautic Message Handling System connects all the ATS stakeholders, routing all ATS messages to the final destination in a secure way.


Stores and distributes meteorological messages among ATS users connected to this system.


Solutions for surveillance and control of military operations on a specific area, ensuring the information processing and decision making process.


The C4ISR System offers a mastery of all available information from the monitored environment, supporting the command to take more assertive and functional decisions (planning, monitoring, communication, control and intelligence).


Responsible for integrating all available sensors, weapons and systems, the Mission / Combat System creates an effective situational awarness and enables the command to accomplish the planned missions.


Simulator that allows the generation of scenarios for the Military Operators training, simulating sensors and tactical exercises.


Solution that provides a secure cyber environment based on security concepts, risk management approaches, policies, guidelines and technologies. Always looking forward to protect the applications and data from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.


System developed for receiving air movements and generating intelligence reports on air traffic monitoring.

Electronic Warfare System

The system identifies electromagnetic emitters in an interest area, supporting mission planning, embedded sensors programming, prospecting scenarios through range simulations, detection alerts and safe attack routes.