(Multi-Engine Pilots Training)

Phenom 100

The Phenom 100 MEPT is a capable platform to support all multi-engine pilot training tasks with the following enhanced capabilities:

• Single-pilot workload philosophy
• Low operating costs
• Designed for high utilization and availability
• Observer seat
• Military communication
• Quick Access Recorder to retrieve flight data

Phenom 100 MEPT has been the chosen multi-engine training tool of respectful training institutes on the civilian and defense sectors.


(Medical Evacuation)

Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 MEDEVAC is a excellent soluction derivated from the Phenom 300 aircraft with proper modifications to provide medical evacuation services. The LifePort™ PLUS platform installed on this aircraft provides:

• Ramp load system
• Stretcher
• Mounts for medical equipment
• Electrical Inverter (1000-watt, 115 VAC, 60 Hz)
• Control Panel with multiple functions
• Oxygen (8500 liters on total)
• Compressed air pump


(Flight Inspections

Legacy 500

The L500 FIS is a state of art platform to perform flight inspections tasks in the following modes:

• Site Evaluation
• Commissioning Inspection
• Periodic Inspection
• Surveillance
• Test Inspection


The most advanced Flight Controls System (Fly-by-Wire), increasing mission efficiency and reducing pilotsworkload.


The best in class High Speed Cruise: M 0.82.


3,125 nm range with 4 passengers with the lowest operating and maintenance costs.


A new comfort paradigm for the segment.