Protection for people,
territories and assets.

Conflicts, trafficking, threats, deforestation, climate change, natural disasters. The challenges are countless, but super-powers are not needed to solve them. That can be done with the dedication and determination of a company which enjoys credibility in Brazil and worldwide, committed to playing its role.


Capable, flexible, affordable.

The KC-390 is a military transport aircraft developed to establish new capacity and performance standards in its category, delivering at the same time the lowest life-cycle cost in the market.

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As fighters become more complex, the need for highly effective trainer aircraft is on the rise. Embraer’s Super Tucano — a single-engine, stepped-tandem, multi-purpose military turboprop — delivers both training and operational effectiveness at low acquisition and operating costs.

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Embraer´s state-of-the-art family of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft delivers the best solution on the market for meeting mission needs.

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Multimission Platform

Phenom 300 MEDEVAC, Phenom 100 MEPT, Legacy 500 FIS.

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Special Transportation

Military transport aircraft has always been another focus for Embraer. In order to meet our customers' evolving needs — ranging from Authorities and VIP transport to Troops/Parachuters to Cargo and Medical applications — the company offers a wide variety of aircraft.

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Controlled Companies

Embraer Defense and Security has implemented a strategy through partnerships in critical areas of knowledge, such as command and control, radars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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